Don't Wait For A Crisis

As advisers, most of our time is spent working with individuals to help each person secure the benefits that are theirs by right. Too often, people only seek help at time of crisis. ICAN can now offer sessions in Benefits Advice and Social Care, so that people can learn in advance and know what to expect, either for themselves or to help others.

Carefully Planned Sessions

We offer stand-alone, short sessions with experienced and qualified tutors, offering a very practical approach to welfare rights and social care. Courses are interactive, with time for discussion among members. Everyone has their unique experience to share and the opportunity to learn from each other is valued.

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All our courses are suitable for benefits claimants, carers, family members and supporters, and people working in the sector who need an understanding to enable them to better support their client group. All our courses are also very suitable for people who wish to volunteer or consider benefits advice as a career.



This is what some of learners said about previous courses:

Sue from 2IC Welfare Team, "I would always recommend this course to family, friends, and colleagues. This course is invaluable to anyone interested in Welfare Rights personally or professionally. This course has helped me assist Veterans with successful applications for P.I.P, Attendance Allowance and a Mandatory Reconsideration. Without the knowledge this course gave me, I would not have been as confident to help others"

"The session was very clear, the vocal presentation well supported by the PowerPoint, questions answered clearly, presenter had excellent knowledge of the subject"

"Many thanks for running this course. It was so informative whilst highlighting the pitfalls of form filling in."

"Thank you to you and Karen for the course, I learned quite a lot from it."

"Thanks to Karen, Ritchie, yourself, and everyone at Netherton for an enjoyable course and friendly venue."

Know Your Rights

In addition to ICAN’s one-to-one support and advice, our programme of Know Your Rights free training sessions, enable and inform, so that you are prepared and ready if you need to make a claim, or seek help.  Our courses are suitable for individual benefits claimants, carers and family members and staff in supporting roles. 

Our courses have been delivered via Zoom, and you can click on the links below to gain access to the information 

Money Go Round

Our Money Management course helps you to take charge of your expenditure, create a budget and explores ways to reduce your out goings 

To express an interest for future courses, or if you have any questions please call 01695 726269, or email, or use the contact panel at the foot of this page to get in touch. 

Know Your Rights - Benefits Courses

Suitable for individuals, carers, professionals or anyone who wants to know more about the welfare benefits system and how to navigate it.

The sessions are very informative, and allow for participants to join in as they learn. 

Our Online Training Programme can be accessed below

Click on the links below to learn more about the Welfare Rights systems and how you can help yourself and others navigate through them.

Introduction to Passported Benefits

A Guide to Cost of Living and Support Available

A Guide to Retirement Age Benefits focussing on Attendance Allowance and Pension Credits

A General Overview of Universal Benefits , Employment Support Allowance and other Health Costs

A Course Recap of Benefits Covered on the Course and a look at Hardship Funding and Help Available

Know Your Rights in Health & Social Care

We were delighted that Liz Leach of Imagineer delivered expert training and advice about how to get the help you need for yourself or a loved one when ill-health affects ability to manage at home. This course is suitable for people needing support to continue to live in the community, family members and carers, and professionals requiring a better working knowledge of health and social care.  Recordings are available below.

Assessment and Eligibility
This session covers assessments, for both carers and individuals. We inform you about how to access an assessment and what determines eligibility, including the process of accessing social care and what you can expect along the way.

Choice and Control - Individualised Funding
This session explains all the options available to someone regarding accessing the social care funding available to them.

It looks at how someone can manage a Direct Payment and how it is possible to have a mixed arrangement.

Understanding Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups
What do you do when you are not happy with the support you have been provided? This sessions talks about the process to address concerns and the external bodies available to support you.

It discusses financial assessments, when these should to take place and what you should expect at this stage.

Supporting Planning and the strength in community
Support Planning is where a person’s aspirations and ideas about how they would like to be supported is recorded, It is possible to record on a Support Plan how someone is supported by members of their community and this session covers how this should be presented in a plan.



Our grateful thanks are extended to our funders without whom we would be unable to bring these sessions to you


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